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Radio Free London Podcasts

Radio Free London is a late night radio show on CHRW, the campus radio station of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.
Monday mornings, 2am til 6am ET.\

November 20th

The 'F' word!

November 13th

A Woodfield Community Porch Concert and honouring Remembrance Day in music.

First off, a recording I made of the third Woodfield Community Porch Concert Series held on June 15th of this year.

The rest of the show will be part II of honouring Remembrance Day in music. This week it'll be songs centered around the First and Second World Wars.

November 6th

The 94.9 CHRW Radio Western Fundraiser and some bluegrass!

The first part of the show will be the CHRW fundraiser held at Call The Office on October 28th.

The rest of the show is devoted to a bluegrass concert held at the Parkwood Veterans Hospital a couple of years ago in commemoration of Remembrance Day. Featuring:

Rhyme and Reason

Podcast link:

October 30th

'Just Folk' revisited!

On tonight's show, three rather folksy performances, two recorded recently and one from a couple of years ago.

From October, Friday the 13th, performing in the intimate 'Front Room' of the London Music Club:

Mike Hagarty and Andy Hayes
Black Savanna

From August 1st, Allison Brown's CD Release held at Shangrila Yoga Studio.

October 23rd

A hybrid show tonight!

The first hour will be devoted to an indie gig I recorded last Monday at The Richmond Tavern.

Event page: Radiation Risks/Klazo/Manager at the Richmond Early Show! 8pm

For the rest of the show, I'll continue my series of themed music arrangements. This weeks topic of interest is 'contrasts'.

As you may have guessed, I enjoy a wide range of music. I also like performers and bands that cover a lot of musical range in their own repertoire.

So, tonight, two songs from each performer or band to show their diversity!

October 9th

Just a 'regular' good ol' music show!

Tonight, I'm going to take a li'le holiday from the recordings and give you the kind of radio show I've done for most of my thirty plus years here at 94.9 CHRW Radio Western.

The musical theme tonight is one appropriate for a Thanksgiving holiday weekend... Home!

What I like to do with theme shows like this is to cover as many aspects and genres of a given topic as I can find.

October 2nd

Two recent recording for your listening pleasure!

The first event I'll be playing is from The Wood Shed Concert Series held at The London Brewing Co-operative on Sunday, September 19th

For the rest of the show, I'll play a recording I made in an Old East Village apartment during an afternoon music creation session held every week. Everyone attending was a multi-instrumentalist, changing instruments between songs. I was the only 'audience' there so I thought I air this one to give you an idea what a crucible of music is like when it's done by pros!

️ A late addition to fill in til the end of the show is a recording I made at the Hippy Cafe back in 2004 of local jam band, The Riderless!

Podcast link:

September 25th

The TURBINE Tapes!

The biggest techno event in many months was held on Saturday, September 16th at Justin Bardawill's new space, The Alchemy Junk Warehouse. Justin invited me to record the mix and I gladly accepted!

September 18th

The first part of the show is from a benefit event at @Forbidden City for The Native Women's Association of Canada held on August 26th!

The second half will be devoted to the Our Friends Electric experimental electronic event held at The SoHo Bar and Grill on September 14th.

September 11th

  I promised myself this year that I'd concentrate on recording at new venues to try to cut a wider swath through the London music scene. So back on June 17th, I recorded for the first time at Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club in Old East Village.

To end the show for this week, a retrospective dive with a recording I made at The London Music Club on October 22nd, 2005 featuring The Robbie Antone Band!

September 4th

Last week and this, Radio Free London has teamed up with The DeRok and Roll Radio Road Show to bring you the complete Back To The Garden 2017!

August 28th

On tonight's show, Part 1 of Back To The Garden 2017

August 21st

On tonight's show, another recording from Fitzrays Indie Wednesday, featuring:

For the second part of the show, we revisit a recording I made about two years ago at the APK Live. Jenny Rensby was hosting an acoustic open stage on the patio (weather permitting) on Sunday afternoon's that summer. Tonight I'll feature Yessica Woahneil doing her first full length sets in front of the public.

August 14th

The first half of tonight's show is a recording from East Village Arts Collective's Collectively Speaking Saturday evening performance of electronic artists:

As part of my 'retro summer project' I have two recordings that aren't mine but are certainly worth some airtime:

Red Fishy Wins - Take Down The Borders:
This six song cassette was recorded in 1992.

Erin Clarke at the Home County Folk Festival in (approx.) 2005.

Last but certainly not least, a musical tribute to my cat, Lazarus Long, who passed away in my arms a couple of weeks ago. He was 17 years old and had a good life.

August 7th

We srt the show with a quick turnaround in the 'new' department, recorded at Forbidden City this last Saturday, August 5th:

In the 'old' department, two recordings that I made in 2004 at the infamous Hippy Cafe:

July 31st

  Starting off the show is a new recording I made at Call The Office on Wednesday, July 19th featuring two bands.

  Ne up is an It's Trash record label special recorded at Vibrafusion Labs in 2014.

Finally, continuing my retro Radio Free London 'summer project', a mix tape made by the 17 year old son of a friend of mine to celebrate 1997, the 'Year of the Punk', originally aired on December 29th, 1997.

July  17th

️ To open up the show, I have a special retrospective treat... from the early 1940s!

My father was a gadget freak much like me. In the early 1940s, he bought a Wilox-Gay Recordio (pictured below), a combination radio, record player and record CUTTER as well! The record player had two arms. One was on a worm gear and was spring loaded so it would press down on the blank record's surface that was used to record with. The other arm was used to play the records you made back.

So the first set of music on tonight's show will be my parents, relatives and friends making music... 75 years ago!

️ The rest of tonight's show will be yet another Radio Free London retrospective, this time from (only) 20 years ago in the late nineties.

July  10th

Tonight's show is a mixed bag, a recent live recording, a recording that got turned into an album ad another Radio Free London retrospective, this time from the late 90s.

DeRoK (of the The DeRok and Roll Radio Road Show) took a recording that I made of his performance at Fitzray's Restaurant & Lounge a few months ago and made an album out it! Not just a digital one but a actual CD with a printed label! I think it's great that artists can do stuff like this with my recordings.

The tale end this week's show will be another Radio Free London retrospective, which I recorded to cassette in the late 90's (as close as I could date it). The cassette was labeled 'Noise 'R' Us'. I was going through a hard core phase back then, musically speaking... (more on that next week. )