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Radio Free London Podcasts

Radio Free London is a late night radio show on CHRW, the campus radio station of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.
Monday mornings, 12am til 6am ET.

This week on Radio Free London for June 29th

A Canada Day themed Church service from St. James Westminster and more Indie music from Vibrafusion Labs!


This week's service has been in the works for a while, ever since Rector Keith gave his homily (sermon) on the spirituality that he heard in contemporary music while he was growing up in the '60's and '70s.

So he and St. Jame's Music Director, Stephen Holowitz, set about to make that music come alive during a service as well. So instead of playing traditional hymns and Psalms, they chose 7 songs by Canadian artists of the era.

I won't spoil it for you, I'll let Rector Keith introduce the songs. You see, before he answered the call of the church, his calling, like mine, was radio!

So, for the first hour of my show, I'll turn the pulpit AND the console over to him!

For the rest of the show, I'll feature another week of 'field recordings' that I made at Vibrafusion Labs when I was just starting to get back into recording events for my show after a long hiatus.

I immediately fell in love with the indie music/arts scene the had materialized while I was away from it. Amidst the angst and whirlwind energy, I found SMART music, poetry and art!

This week I'll feature recording from 3 events in early 2015.

Unfortunately, MixCloud doesn't provide a direct method to download their content. But where there's a void, someone will figure out a way to fill it!

If you really want to download these podcasts, there are various ways that this can be accomplished:

I found a handy page that covers these various ways for Firefox and Chrome web browsers as well as a web based form that'll work for everyone else. Go to this link and follow instructions:

Mixcloud Downloader