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Radio Free London Podcasts

Radio Free London is a late night radio show on CHRW, the campus radio station of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.
Monday mornings, 12am til 6am ET.

This week on Radio Free London for March 29th

I'll take you to Church yet again and then another couple of themes in music!


Starting the show tonight, my third recording of the service at St. James Westminster Anglican Church.

This is the new normal for the foreseeable future. I'm happy and honoured to have a live recording to do once a week and will keep doing these as long as I'm needed.

Again, whether you're religious or not, these services are worth a listen, not just for the awesome spine tingling music but for the readings and reflections as well. You can't get closer to community than a church service will bring you and community is the most important thing in our lives right now.

We're going through an inflection point in our civilization right now and it's up to all of us to make sure what comes out of this time of crisis is better than what we had before.

I'll play another two musical themes for the rest of the show. This week you'll hear music pertaining to spring and flight.

Because I have no other live events to record and the fact that I have to produce and package my show for air play at home now, this seems to be a good way me to go for now. It gives me a chance to seriously compose a great collage of music for your listening pleasure and to continue bringing a li'le bit of normalcy to you lives.

Thanks go out to Radio Western's Station Manager, Andrew, and Program Manager, Zahra, for their heroic efforts to not only keep the station on the air but also for helping us radio hosts bring new programming to our listeners.

The internet did NOT kill campus radio, it made us BETTER and what's happening at our station right now is proof of that!

Unfortunately, MixCloud doesn't provide a direct method to download their content. But where there's a void, someone will figure out a way to fill it!

If you really want to download these podcasts, there are various ways that this can be accomplished:

I found a handy page that covers these various ways for Firefox and Chrome web browsers as well as a web based form that'll work for everyone else. Go to this link and follow instructions:

Mixcloud Downloader