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Radio Free London Podcasts

Radio Free London is a late night radio show on CHRW, the campus radio station of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.
Monday mornings, 2am til 6am ET.

This week on Radio Free London for March 19th

The Manor Park Evening Post live at The Church of the Epiphany!


On Saturday, June 15th, Adam Corrigan Holowitz held his latest episode of The Manor Park Evening Post. This is a variety show in the true spirit of theater review, There was music, stories, skits, poetry... and the inevitable giveaways you see at such events. Adam is a writer, playwright, producer and humourist in the manner of Stephen Leacock and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Stuart McLean. He's everything that's good and holy about English Lit!

Be prepared for a big show with a small cast!

For the remainder of the show, I'll celebrate the Summer Solstice in music, an annual tradition of my own.

Unfortunately, MixCloud doesn't provide a direct method to download their content. But where there's a void, someone will figure out a way to fill it!

If you really want to download these podcasts, there are various ways that this can be accomplished:

I found a handy page that covers these various ways for Firefox and Chrome web browsers as well as a web based form that'll work for everyone else. Go to this link and follow instructions:

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