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Radio Free London Podcasts

Radio Free London is a late night radio show on CHRW, the campus radio station of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.
Monday mornings, 2am til 6am ET.

This week on Radio Free London for July 17th, 2017

To open up the show, I have a special retrospective treat... from the early 1940s!

My father was a gadget freak much like me. In the early 1940s, he bought a Wilox-Gay Recordio (pictured below), a combination radio, record player and record CUTTER as well! The record player had two arms. One was on a worm gear and was spring loaded so it would press down on the blank record's surface that was used to record with. The other arm was used to play the records you made back.

It could record off the built-in radio, the microphone that it came with... or BOTH at the same time! I believe this was the first karaoke machine in history that was available to the general public! You could tune into a radio station, put on a blank disc and then record singing along with your favourite stars.

So the first set of music on tonight's show will be my parents, relatives and friends making music... 75 years ago!


The rest of tonight's show will be yet another Radio Free London retrospective, this time from (only) 20 years ago in the late nineties. This retrospective theme seems to be my 'summer project' here at Radio Western, a tradition all by itself!

As I mentioned during last week's show, I was going through a musically hardcore phase as a radio announcer back then and this show will expand on that theme! This week I have portions of three Radio Free London shows from circa 1997:

Hard Drugs (as expressed it music)
F@%ked up Johnny (reliving my old-school punk days)
Noise 'R' Us (part 2)

Unfortunately, MixCloud doesn't provide a direct method to download their content. But where there's a void, someone will figure out a way to fill it!

If you really want to download these podcasts, there are various ways that this can be accomplished:

I found a handy page that covers these various ways for Firefox and Chrome web browsers as well as a web based form that'll work for everyone else. Go to this link and follow instructions:

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