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Tinkers Tips

Things I've learned over the years that may or may not work for you!

Tinkers tips are a collection of musings that I've recently condensed into Tweet-sized bites. This page is written in the spirit of 'The Notebooks of Lazarus Long' which appeared in the novel "Time Enough for Love" by the science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein.

  • Tinker's tip: Cheap knock-off tablets make good cat warmers!

  • Tinker's tip: Cheap knock-off tablets make good cat warmers! [edit] Obviously the endangered net-book works as well!

  • Tinker's tip: I used to consistently write 'error free' code. Not flawless, mind you, we can live with flaws but errors must be corrected!

  • Tinker's tip: I used to consistently write 'error free' code! No big deal there. I cheated, of course! Ever hear of the Kobayashi Maru? ;)

  • Tinker's tip: Don't see something as what it's called  but what it is instead, which means it can be anything as need demands. Names inhibit!

  • Tinker's tip: Even the obvious can be relative!

  • Tinker's tip: Learning needs a spark to grow, just like a fire. No spark… no flame… no fire! It's not fire that's important… it's the spark!

  • Tinker's tip: I never met a mind that wasn't bigger than the universe.

  • Tinker's tip: Tinkers are dreamers! Gives us something to do with our brains between jobs. Is there a way to switch the darn thing off?

  • Tinker's tip: Seamless deployment is the reward of a good logistic planner!

  • Tinker's tip: Good logistic planning trumps materials costs any day!

  • Tinker's tip: If you want to learn how to fix things, pick stuff that's really broken! Fix those and you can fix anything!

  • Tinker's tip: The world has a parts catalog! It's called Google! A tinker's dream come true, to be sure!

  • Tinker's tip: I may not know where I am, where I'm going or where I'll end up, but I know exactly what I'm doing! Purpose is your destination!

  • Tinker's tip: I stopped programming computers when I discovered hacking the world was code independent!

  • Tinker's tip: Don't forget to put the filter in the coffee maker! :|

  • Tinker's Tip: Practice makes better! Perfection is for fools! You can still do quality work without worrying about that last 3%.

  • Tinker's Tip: "Can't be done" is not in my vocabulary. I simply don't take on more than I can handle. My success rate is very high!

  • Tinker's Tip: Cyclist's Creed: Always know where your wheels are. Hiker's Creed: Always know where your feet are. Tinker's Creed: Always know!

  • Tinker's Take: "This movie is suitable for all viewers" for 'On The Beach', about post-nuclear war? What's wrong with this picture?

  • Tinker's Tip: I don't first look at solving an issue, I look to see if I can turn it into an asset. If not, then I try to make it go away!

  • Tinker's Tip: Taking myself into account when solving issues is far too limiting! being myself, on the other hand, takes care of everything!

  • Tinker's tip: Waste nothing!

  • Tinker's Tip: I don't gamble very much & only on my skills & tenacity! But when I do… I put 'er all on red, spin that wheel & go for broke!

  • Tinker's Tip: Create moments of beauty for yourself alone. The finest thing you have to share is your individuality.
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