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Tinker's Familiar

I wrote this poem about companionship in general but also about the bond that I had with my black cat Familiar, Ursulus.

I unearthed this poem from 25 years ago to honour National Black Cat Day on November 17th, 2016.

I come and sit on the edge of the bed.
Though it's time for sleep, I watch you instead.
Your trust is so deep, you don't turn your head.

Our bond began in this house. Right here.
When first I saw you, I knew we'd be dear.
Your eyes were on me too, that much was clear.

I think (as you drift) of the life we've shared.
The trials and tribulations we have fared.
And how, through the worst of it, you still cared.

I remembered well how I'd lost you twice.
My own poor judgement, extracted its price.
But when you returned, how I did rejoice.

Without words, you have shown me by giving.
With all of your endearments, unending.
There is wisdom in your eyes, far seeing.

Is this what it's all about, little one?
Trust, and respect, with a measure of fun?
Is it such a rare thing under the sun?

So as you're dreaming I'm thinking of us.
The good times we've had, the mess and the fuss.
My familiar, my cat, my Ursulus.

Ursulus:  March 6, 1986 - August 26, 2000

Ursulus: March 6, 1986 - August 26, 2000